Skarlett Riot (EP – 2010)
Villain (EP – 2012)
Tear Me Down (Album – 2013)
We Are the Brave (EP – 2015)
Sentience (EP – 2016)

Tear Me Down

Tear Me Down

Tear Me Down

Album, 25 March 2013 – SR Records
1. Faded Memory 04:15
2. What We’ve Become 03:15
3. Adrenaline 03:07
4. Rock N Roll Queen 03:42
5. Lost 02:13
6. Tear Me Down 04:31
7. Villain 03:58
8. Broken Wings 03:26
9. Party Hard 03:22
10. Riot 03:31

Total playing time 35:20

Overview: Their first single from the album, the anthem ‘Faded Memory’ saw the band earning support from Radio 1, who added the band to their daytime play-list and led to the band being featured on national shows from Sara Cox, Greg James and Scott Mills amongst others. The band have also featured on Kerrang Radio, Team Rock as well as being added to the play-lists of a host of regional shows.

Skarlett Riot

EP, 04 November 2010 – Record Union
1. Never Believe It 03:39
2. The Answer 02:55
3. Draw the Line 03:14
4. Take It All 04:10

Total playing time 13:58

Overview: An attitude rock/metal album, their first single, ‘Never Believe It’ is the anthem track of the album. A softer sounding track is ‘Draw The Line.’

The band’s début EP, released late 2010, received glowing accolades from everyone from Metal Hammer and Classic Rock Magazine, to Powerplay and Big Cheese. Playmusic Magazine also awarded Skarlett Riot the prize for the best overall band of 2011. Skarlett Riot have also received broad radio play from Kerrang!, BBC, Total Rock, Total Biker FM. At this time, the rock/metal band were endorsed by Fernandes Guitars (home to Journey, Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, Motorhead, and Scorpions).


EP, 19 March 2012 – Record Union

1. Party Hard 03:22
2. Read My Lips 03:26
3. You’re the Enemy 03:20
4. Villain 03:58
5. Take It All 04:10
6. Read My Lips (Censored) 03:26

Total playing time 21:42

Overview: Skarlett Riot unleashed their eagerly awaited EP Villain in Spring 2012. Packing a hearty punch to the senses, their EP has an acute mix of soaring rock/metal high-energy melodies with dark aggressive undertones that led to another rise of a new fan-base. The recording process of the songs really brought out the energy and sound of Skarlett Riot. Being on Kerrang TV was a great achievement with the single Villain.

Faded Memory

Single, 28 January 2013 – Record Union

1. Faded Memory 04:15

We Are the Brave

We Are the Brave

We Are the Brave

EP, 16 February 2015 – Auto-Production

1. Divide Us 04:02
2. Cascade 03:50
3. Wake Up 03:55
4. Rising 04:11
5. Are You Alive 03:36

Overview: Five tracks of full-on metal fire and fury, propelled by some serious hard-rocking power. The tracks power comes from the outstanding drumming that just about knocks the wind out of you, to the rib-shaking bass, to the ferociously fantastic guitar-work, to Skarlett’s strong and expressive vocals.


EP, 2016 – Auto-Production

Overview: Sentience kicks off with an upbeat track with a killer drum beat and immense riffs. This power truly lays a template for the soaring vocals from the beautiful Skarlett. The listener is then treated to another high energy driven and highly contagious track titled ‘Scream At Me’. Catchy riffs, booming bass lines and butt kicking drums in ‘The Wounded’. Skarlett’s vocals in ‘Feel’ portray strong emotion fantastically. This is an EP of outstanding rock/metal songs.

1. Voices
2. Scream at Me
3. Empty Inside
4. Feel
5. The Wounded

‘Sentience’ was nominated for Best New EP of 2016 in the TBFM Music Industry Awards and made it to the final.